Sunday, June 26, 2005


India has now become one of the most happening places in the world. Our cities are transforming into true cosmopolitan centers. Everyone around us we see high rise commercial centers, apartments shopping malls etc. 'Brand India' is emerging a global winner. But with all these, we still see overflowing garbage bins, dusty roads, public buses and trains with damaged seat and windows and so many other such things. Ask a person, the reason for this. The most common answer that one would get is, "The government is not doing anything. This corporation is cleaning garbage regularly. The transport corporation is not repairing the buses regularly...." Is this the right mind-set?? Yes, it is agreed that it is the duty of the government to take care of these things. But as citizens don't we have a role to play in all these issues? We buy a packet of chips. We hold it in our hands and walk through the streets eating the snack. Once we finish eating, we just throw the empty cover on the streets. What was not a burden when the snack was there suddenly becomes a burden that we cannot hold it in our hands till we come to a dustbin? How many times we would have seen people spitting out of a bus or lorry unmindful of anyone who may be coming nearby? Why is all this happening? Can't we prevent all this by just maintaining a small amount of self-discipline? We need not go out on the streets and start cleaning the place. But we can avoid adding to the dirt. When we go out in a public transport, can't we maintain a small amount of discipline and refrain from tearing pieces of seat cover, writing names on the walls, spitting near the doors, dropping skins of fruits etc. Are the walls of public buildings, toilets and vehicles places to declare your love? If each one of us can maintain some amount of self-discipline, we can make our surroundings a clean and green place. We should first do our part and then go about criticizing the government.