Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Small wonders

I came home from work by about 6:30 today. Dark rain clouds were gathering on one side of the sky while the evening sun shone brightly from the other side. It was quite an unusual sight - a light drizzle combined with the bright evening sun. Conditions were perfect for a rainbow and there it was - just above the building opposite my house !!! Here's my effort to capture it.

Tonight is the day before the summer solstice - the day when the sun is farthest from the equator in the northern hemisphere. Apparently this is also a day when the moon will be the lowest on the horizon. And lower it is in the sky, bigger it will 'appear' to be. So, the weather channel predicted a bigger than usual moon view. So, I walked down to the Hudson river front to get a night time view of the moon and the NY skyline. And here's what I saw:

I want to take a noiseless, clear night time photo. Hoping to get it right some day.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Good old days...

Memories are flooding past one by one. Yesterday, I went to Hot breads in Jersey City and got a veg. puff and a black forest cake - a most favoured combination of our gang. I was reminded of those good old days when we used to stop by 'Iyengar's bakery' or 'Hot puffs' and have a veg puff and a cake ; days when myself, roger and kaus2 used to go to the college canteen to get their samosa / cutlet with the watered down ketchup.

Then there were those days when we spent entire evenings playing carom. Each one had our 'specialty' shots, weakness and strengths. We would play for hours together. Someday I would get the samosa/puff - cake combo from the bakery. Or my father would come in and give us trays filled with some snacks or pass on glasses of some juice. Nice days :) Why this sudden flash back of the carrom days ???? - I bought a carrom board today !!!!!!! - Played the game after a long time.

Hope we will get to have a replay of those good old days sometime in future. I know it will not be the same again - Still...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Life after IPL :)

A nice cartoon in the 'The Hindu' capturing the imapct of IPL on our people :) It has been like a huge festival for the past 1.5 months. The entire nation re-adjusted its daily schedule to suit the IPL and now it's going to be difficult to go back to the "old" ways.
I think its going to be difficult for the players too. Especially in cases where players from different countries would again have to return to the national teams and play against those who played with them in IPL.