Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beautiful Moon

I was bored at home yesterday and was fiddling with my camera. The moon was shining brightly outside. I switched off all the lights at home and tried to take a few photos using the manual controls in my cam. Not too great, but felt they're nice.

Peeping out from behind a chimney :)

The bright shining disc radiating brilliance

The perfect disc !!!! The chimneys and wires are faintly visible

Finally, view through our blinds :)

Guess I'm totally jobless :):):)


Venky said...

u have perspective da thambi... time for you to get an slr now. enna solra?

Vijay said...

I just moved from my basic point and shoot cam to a slightly more sophisticated S5 IS camera. And all I do is shoot the sun, moon, leaves and flowers.

Let's see :)

Raj said...

Moonstruck eh Vijay!!
Nice..start doin more of this!