Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Small wonders

I came home from work by about 6:30 today. Dark rain clouds were gathering on one side of the sky while the evening sun shone brightly from the other side. It was quite an unusual sight - a light drizzle combined with the bright evening sun. Conditions were perfect for a rainbow and there it was - just above the building opposite my house !!! Here's my effort to capture it.

Tonight is the day before the summer solstice - the day when the sun is farthest from the equator in the northern hemisphere. Apparently this is also a day when the moon will be the lowest on the horizon. And lower it is in the sky, bigger it will 'appear' to be. So, the weather channel predicted a bigger than usual moon view. So, I walked down to the Hudson river front to get a night time view of the moon and the NY skyline. And here's what I saw:

I want to take a noiseless, clear night time photo. Hoping to get it right some day.


Rainbow said...

Nice photography!