Monday, February 04, 2008

Energy quest - Where will it take us ?

I recently came across this article in The article talks about how India and China are moving in the same path taken by countries like US and Japan. It talks about our preference for personal transport and the increasing energy demand resulting out of it. The author then advocates fresh research on better, energy effecient automobiles. He lays particular emphasis on using hydrogen to fuel our vehicles.

He gives a couple of links that describe how a hydrogen based technology would work. On the outset, whatever he proposes seems very promising - A clean, efficient, low cost alternative to fossil fuels. But after reading the comments posted by few others, I'm not so sure anymore. They point out the inefficiencies of hydrogen based technologies and emphasize that a battery based technology is more efficient.

We hear of so many new alternatives every other day. But none of them seem to have been successful enough for mass production. The combustion engine based on fossil fuels seem to have been the last major breakthrough here. So far, nothing has come close to challenging their dominance. Hopefully something comes up soon. As the author specifies, the world does not have the capacity to accomodate the energy demands of the two great asian neighbours.