Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is one of my most ad hoc posts - posting just after I had a thought. I usually let my thoughts go on for a while before writing them and most don't get recorded. But I don't want miss this - write as I feel it.

Nothing much - the usual stuff that people close would've heard so much - IT'S SNOWING IN NEW YORK :):):) . For all those who've seen sooooooo much snow this year, I might appear to be nuts (probably for others too, but I don't care). But I'm pretty excited about this. While the average snowfall in the NY city region is around 12 inches per annum, it has been falling short of this mark for two consecutive years. I badly wanted to walk outside and feel the falling snow. And today I got my chance after a long time. It's not a huge blizzard, but a small snowy day, probably an inch and a half of snow.

I started slightly early from office, so that I can get some day light views. It was nice inside NY city, but due to the high human and vehicular traffic, we could not see any accumulation. The best part was after coming to Jersey city. When I came out of the PATH train, all I could see was the white powdery substance everywhere. - Just a thin layer. So, I started walking as slowly as possible to my home and snapping photos all the while. Didn't miss a chance to record my foot print in any undisturbed accumulation of snow; didn't make an effort to brush of the snow over my jacket; tried capturing everything from the vehicle tracks on the road, prisitne accumulation on the sides, my deep footprints, tiny dots where the snow salt has melted the snow ...

Its amazing how the sky turns a bright red when its overcast and is raining/snowing. I've noticed this even back home. This gives a twilight effect to the setting when its actually well beyond sunset. This combined with the white powdery snow around and the yellow sodium vapour lamps give a totally different effect. I can say its reddish, yellowish or probably greenish - not sure, forgive my colour blindness :).
The photo looks very "green" to me. Probably the colour more exaggerated by the camera. But this is what I'm seeing outside now - at 7:39 pm

Whatever it is, it's beautiful and that's important. . Actually the complete silence around the place, does make it slightly eerie and I like it.

Recently I bought a $50 digi-cam from HP. One of the most basic models - very small, no optical zoom, additional features. I've been carrying it around in my coat pocket and snapping pictures whenever and wherever I can. All my snow photos today are with that. I'm surprised at the quality of the pictures. They're pretty good for $50. :) In some photos, they've captured the falling snow - something that I could not manage with my other more expensive ones.

And for my parents, if they come across this post - or to anyone else who might talk to them - I was wearing all the protective clothing, covering myself from head to toe. So, no worries in that front. :):):)


Raj said...

Nice one Vijay, I could feel the excitement and enthusiasm just by reading the post.

It was snowing here too yesterday but the problem here is it gets too cold so this morning the walk to school was like walking on a skating rink!! But since it was metling you could see water underneath the topmost layer of ice...Now itz a mix of snow,ice and rain which basically makes it look like slush...all yuck!

That glow you have mentioned is something that I was noticing yesterday too. It was amazing the unreal effect that was created!!

Shyam said...

good naration, excellent snap to have captured the falling snow flakes..... and ONE MORE CAM ??? HP ?? the one that u said u had bought was a canon rt ?? ettana cam da vecchurukke..... cam collecetor aiytiya ?? edho anlla irundha seri thaan.... good that u r ensoing urself.....